For everyone who wants to know more about Albania and for those who have asked me to recommend an Albanian movie.                                                                                                     I present you with one of the Albanians Cult Movies ‘Tirana Year 0’ Written and Directed by Fatmir Koci. He shows a new approach to the cinema with a non linear storytelling, with many characters that serve to one purpose the message of the movie: ‘a call to the Albanian people not to abandon their native land’

 After the tragic events of 1997, Niku, 23 years old, lives in Tirana with his father, a man suffering from heart disease, and his beautiful mother. Honest and sensitive, Niku is looking for a job. He loves Klara and wants to build their common life in Albania, but the girl believes that their only salvation is abroad. Finally she leaves for Paris with Niku’s friend Tare. Niku feels that everything around him is chaos: murders, departures for foreign countries… Everyone he knows is depressed and talks only about leaving. When his father dies, the boy is more and more lost. In a desolated field where children are playing with broken cars, he meets Klara, who came back to Tirana to look for him. In front of this destiny, they understand that they can love each other only in their country.Fatmir Koci: ‘the neo-realism of this movie comes from choosing the right frame from realisem’ – ‘for most of the movie I did not invent anything, I found it’




Debora Young for


Variety 2002:

“Tirana Year 0” is a gently funny, informative film with a stubbornly Utopian message: Albanians should stay in their country and rebuild it. Director Fatmir Koci (“Necrology”) doesn’t sugarcoat the ugliness of life in today’s trigger-happy, post-communist Tirana, yet finds reason to love it anyway.

Andrew James Horton:

Will the last person to leave the country please turn out all the lights