Hollywood screenwriters are very happy that Albania is not very known and they can imagine it as they wish. I imagine these screenwriters sitting in a table and thinking: What to add something interesting and fun to the script … Let’s through a bit of Albania cause ultimately people will not realize that we are talking bullshit.

Let’s take the movie ‘My Mom’s New Boyfriend’  with the Albanian underground restaurant.

1.Albanians do not keep the chickens  in the middle of the house. Well we do sometimes  during New Year’s eve but it stays in the bathroom , like in these movie below: ‘In our Home

2. Belidancing is not the Albanian traditional dancing,you could have  googel it and find something  like: Lily Cingu.

Liliana Cingu

But then the film would not have half naked women dancing I understand that.

3.I have not heard of us eating alligators. Birds like chickens, ducks I eat also lambs and cows. In Albania are no Crocodiles but now I am thinking that  probably we might have eaten them.

4. Graski – It looks like they have mixed the word Raki (Albanian Brandy) and Gezuar (Cheers), but I don’t think that they gave it so much thought

 In the end, it turns out that the Albanian flag was the only Albanian thing there that charmed up the scene.