The Great Gatsby Wardrobe comparison

We love the book,we loved Mia Farrow and Robert Redford and I can’t wait to watch Mulligan and Dicaprio. One thing that we know till now is their fabulous wardrobe,lets go to some identical movie steels.


  1.  Mia looks beautiful but so looks Carey since I now days Mia’s hat would be too much for this shot I am going to chose Carey also because her eyes tell us more and Mia is more shy.

2. The dresses are both gorgeous

But I will chose Mia’s because It is more simple in a flapper way simple of course. I would had prefer smaller beads on Carey.

 3. Daisy in the garden Mia with the hat looks more lady like and Carey looks still like a child also the flowers are different a rose and a lily.

4. Daisy and Gatsby during the party well I have to admit that Redford was to my mom what DiCaprio is to me every family agrees on that.  At this part I will always chose Leo.


5. In the park I love the purple dress that Carey has. I know that in the first movie they dressed Daisy mostly in white but since is a Luhrmann movie this time I love the warm colors.