We all get emotional when we watch marriage proposal in the movies. they have affected our lives and from time to time we want some of that romance in our life. Some times people copy this proposals in real live, that i don’t really like it because is like they are doing the proposal just to show off and not for their special one. For those who go and watch movies to find the perfect way to propose I have to say that you should not get inspired by this movies that I am going to mention.

1.’Meet the Parents’

If you don’t want him to think that, by the end of the day he has to deal with your father regarding important things in your life, then avoid this movie proposal. 

2.Rocky 2

At first it might look cute but no one ever want to hear: -If you wouldn’t mind marring me, very much! 

3. Knocked up

We know it is in a funny way but also it is very sad. He doesn’t even have a ring, even a plastic one. For one thing you must be sure if he does not have the ring by the time he proposes,he won;t even thing about getting one when you will be with kids because there are other things to think of, you know money issues!