The book tells the story of a single woman, Mildred. From this book are made two movies in two different periods, with different genres in forms and approach. The first screening will come in the 1945 film noir period and where the main character is femme fatal. The film opens with a murder and we do not know who has shot and why, then we learn the history of Mildred and her family. The film itself is a perfect representation of the noir genre but always without taking the  gloves off . Hollywood control over violence and erotic scenes was quite fanatical.

Years later in 2011 the book comes as a television mini serial in the genre of drama.The tv series is more true to James.M Cain novel includes more scenes since the structure of the script lies in 5 episodes. In 2011, writers and directors are free to include in the movie scenes of violence and erotic episodes especially when it comes to actresses like Kate Winslet and Eva Rachel Wood. In the 5 episodes the narration of the plot is straight and lacks of a murder mystery firstly because the story is already recognized by the audience and secondly because it doesn’t have to be a film noir.

The main discussion over this two movies is weather this movies are categorized as a feminist movie or as a film for women. For both categories I can make a table and will find endless reasons but the beauty of the film is that it satisfies both sides with class.

I wish that when you see the movie besides movies theories that I like to do, I hope that 

 Mildred inspires you all.