In 2009, ‘Avatar’ redownload (1).jpgturns to the phenomenon of the year accompanied by 3D technology and  the Academy in 2010 gives Oscars to this movie. So here  film and technology make a marriage you thought would last long. All directors around the world must begin to study aesthetics of a 3D movie because it would be the future of cinema with the first pioneer James Cameron.

But this marriage  finishes within a year. Very soon the audience itself will understand and filmmakers that the 3D tech. scenario was for unreal  actions and not otherwise the audience will not live a full experience and there would be no interaction in the hall. The Academy  surprising us gave the Oscar in 2012 to the movie ‘The Artist’. I myself don’t know where I found the patience to watch the movie from the beginning till the end. It was terrible to see how a silent film in black and white after a 3D experience. At first I thought that this price to this movie was a joke or they wanted to have the surprise effect when everyone was waiting for ‘Hugo’ to win cause had perfect timing. But not the best movie award comes out on the other side of the history of early cinema like ‘The Artist’. The scenario was nice but the approach and style that was chosen by director was too much ‘Art House’.  I will not forget the torture that I spent in the theater during this movie. Even other people who had come to watch it by the middle of the movie began to make small talk with each other. After some time, I started to think of another solution for these prices one after another. Because the   Academy awards wants the filmmakers and the audience to acknowledges both ends of the axis. On a side ‘The Artist’ black and white and without sound, and on the other ‘Avatar’ 3D and blue people. So once again they settled equilibrium, in other words film that will not come never out of fashion and everyone would always want to see  is 2D.

If you don’t believe it,please watch the movie ‘Argo’ which won this year to prove my theory.