In 1950s Australia, beautiful, talented dressmaker Tilly returns to her tiny hometown to right wrongs from her past. As she tries to reconcile with her mother, she starts to fall in love while transforming the fashion of the town.

I know that Kate Winslet is my favorite actress and I cant wait to watch her movies, but really The Dressmaker’ is in my top movie list. I like the plot and and the surprises that come with it. Let’s face it the wardrobe is to be adored. We go back to that old glam of the Hollywood movies back in the 50s. From the poster we know that Kate is going to be a femme fatal. Winslet’s Tilly arrives in town under the darkness of night, lights a cigarette after stepping off a bus, and exhales the film’s first words with a cloud of smoke: “I’m back, you bastards.” After two decades away from Dungatar, including studying Haute couture in Paris, her impeccably dressed homecoming is far from happy or welcome. Her ailing mother, “Mad” Molly (Davis), ostensibly provides the inspiration for her return, but revealing the true reason behind her banishment — involving the death of a classmate when she was ten years old, and the closing of the one-street community’s tight-knit, gossip-hungry ranks in response — is her true motivation.Every scene’s a catwalk in the scrub, a Dior or Balenciaga -inspired Photoshop and if there is one thing that we girls like is fashion, revenge,secrets coming out and romance. 

The Trailer

You should watch the movie,you may cry and you may laugh but I will assure you that you will try to find a dressmaker to have at least one of the amazing dresses.