There is this second stage in life when some people have kids and some others live for each other and some other of us we are not sure what we have or what we have become.’By the sea’


 This is what Roland says and till that moment we are waiting to know more about this two characters. I am sorry to say that nothing will happen till the end.Except for the concept of voyeurism-the notion of a couple,not happy using voyeurism as a way of regaining the attraction they once had.This is shown too late in the movie.Here I was waiting for ‘ala Bergman’ revolution for the couple but I was disappointed. 

A very fashionable wardrobe, glamour looks but lacks of substance.I expected more since this was the third effort of Angelina Jolie Pitt who presented herself with this name for the first time. After ‘In the land of blood and honey’ and ‘Unbroken’ that showed her ambitions.

“By the Sea” looks beautiful, thanks to 010b3718d9c52a9f4d95100fbceba5b942650146.jpg__0x1500_q85-1200x675the cinematography by Christian Berger, but all this,cannot make up for the shallow storytelling.I do not know what was the main thing that Jolie Pitt found interesting in this story.. They will want to visit Malta after seeing how it has been presented here—however, if this movie is any indication of the sort of people who might turn up there, they might want to wait until the off-season.