The Oscar Ceremony will be held on the 26-th February, but till then we already have the nominations and some of them are not a surprise at all. Like La La Land that nearly is repeating the same road as ‘Titanic’ in 1996 regarding the nominations. Some think that this year there aren’t as many good movies like in the passed but I can tell you that there is quite a diversity for sure. 
Lets start with the Best Picture:

1. “Arrival”   – it is a book adaptations, and even this year we have a story in space and with aliens.        

2.“Fences – It is an attempt of Denzel  Washington as a director and also actor on this movie. Is the story of a father who tries to raise and take care of his family in the 50’s. So the academy has the chance to make it right with this movie and not overlook  colored actors and authors.                                                               

3. “Hacksaw Ridge”  – Is a war movie , but also is a comeback of Mel Gibson as a director after 10 years.

4. “Hell or High Water” – Is the story of two brother that together try to save their father’s ranch in Texas. So here we have also some good western movie.      

5.“Hidden Figures” –  It is a movie about three African american women that help NASA for a space mission. This is a true story so here we have a Biography and also a feminist movie.  

 6.“La La Land” – A musical, and I think also a beautiful love story. Even if they do not end up together they have another definition for love and Damian Chazelle made us cry and laugh through the movie.                                               

7.“Lion”  –  Is the adaptation of the book ‘A long way Home’ and is the story of a little boy that gets lost in Calcutta then he is being adopted. When he grows up  he goes in search for his lost family. 

8. “Manchester by the Sea”   – A back home story of a man who has to take car of his nephew and the aftermath of the tragedy that he once avoid.  

 9.“Moonlight” – The story of a boy growing up with his addicted mother in Miami . The film is divided in three periods young adolescent, mid-teens and as a young adult.