For a girls night my friends bring the food and the wine,meanwhile I am in charge of the movies. Let’s start with a top ten list even thought you will end up watching too or three then cause of the wine they will fall asleep!

1. How to lose a guy in ten Days

Yes let’s start with relationships and guys or better yet to watch all the things you can do just to drive them crazy.

2. Ten Things I hate about you

The 1999 version of course,slightly based on the Shakespeare play ‘The Taming of the Shrew‘ Besides that we love Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles together I love also the music score too.

3. Bridget Jones’s Diary

The perfect honest comedy, she writes in her diary all women struggle like  the  weight ,job, man and many other imperfections! You can do miming of Celine Dion in you pajamas,and eat strait from the pot!

4. Bridesmaids

This movie is hilarious and it shows you to cherish your girlfriends, do silly things together and not to be afraid to say ‘I love you’. This movie has also a good lesson of supporting your fellow women then seeing them as competition.

5. ‘The Devil Wears Prada’

Cause we love fashion and maybe all of us secretly dream of becoming a  Miranda Priestly without the family problems for sure. After a bad week at work this is a good choice.

6. Dirty Dancing 

Maybe is it only me and this movie is always in every list i make or is because Patrick Swayze is so hot. But I have watched his movie a million times in VHS and I will watch it again. And to cleare it up once and for all  ‘No body puts baby in the corner’


7. Clueless  

Is one of the movies that added new phrases to our vocabulary ‘As if’. Also had some good lessons in it like: Help those who are less fortunate then you, aim high,stay safe and that it is ok to be different!

8. Sex and the city

Do I have to say anything, thank god they made a feature one because we would end up watching all the seasons in one night!

9. Crazy Stupid Love 

Ok, i know that you thing that as long as there is Ryan Gosling staring can make the list,but he is like Photoshop-ed in this movie and it has also Steven Carell humor too.

10.Breakfast at Tiffany

The classic one of all time favorite movies. Everyone should watch it and Audrey Hepburn is amazing at giving you some girls insights and the music score beautiful.

After ‘Moon River’ you can fall asleep have a good night girls!