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Being happy doesn’t mean to have a life as in movies, but then…

Why not we think they are so cute! They are really nice and sometimes we try to copy a piece of film in our everyday life,sometimes it  works and sometimes we go bluff. So till now there in no  harm, but when we start to advertise and make up  things like we are part of a movie, then we need to remember that the film lasts only 1 hour and a half and that’s when the beauty things happened.

After ‘the end’ is were the ugly parts are. These movies come as light entertainment are actually not so easy unless we come out of the theater thinking that our life will be like the main character or get angry to our boyfriend why he doesn’t do romantic gestures like those in movies.

To wipe off the ashes that these films put in our eyes we need to keep in mind some things.

  1.  Keep headphones as much as you like but our life still doesn’t have sound track. Those beautiful moments are always showed with  music, with little slow motion  . This doesn’t happen in life. You can not keep a play list with you and then play songs like a sound track we are working  when you are walking in the street or when you’re kissing the love of your life in the middle of the road.
  2. We don’t really have everything figure it out.Started from the school where you must be a leader and will set new standards that when next generation comes you will be remembered. Let us go down to earth , In the first years we want to know why I chose this school and  do I really need to be here? There is a chance that you dropped out of school or finished it . This does not make us less smart but also they can not make a movie out of it
  3. Ideal relationship and a nice story to tell. If you get to know someone  that  attracts you in circumstances just like in the movies you’ve seen thousands of times, we begin to wonder then one plus one equal four bridesmaid and  a wedding. Do not be a slave of a beautiful history that you want to tell your girlfriends building a relationship needs hard work not only a beautiful story. Even if you think to break up so he will comeback with a beautiful gesture of flowers and he might not come at all.